What Your Political Bubble Looks Like From The Other Side

Whether or not you’re in a Crimson State or a Blue State, there’s no escaping being trapped inside your personal bubble.

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Author/Administrators/Producers: Holt Bailey and Brian Steele
Affiliate Producer: Staci Roberts-Steele
Government Producer: Darren Miller
Director of Pictures: Nate Cornett
Editor: Jeremy Rhodes
Manufacturing and Costume Designer: Jenna Helfant
Graphics Producer: Lars Radmall
Music by Milosz Jeziorski
Manufacturing Sound: Darren Augustus
Further Modifying: Baba Brouk Jagati Peters
Rerecording Mixer: Jody Abbot
Make-up Artist: Sonia Cabrera
1 st AC: Allan De Leon
Artwork Division Asst.: Taylor Velazquez
Manufacturing Asst.: Chiara Montali
Manufacturing Asst.: Jake Maziar

Common Joe: Ari Frenkel
Punk GF/Spouse: Aliza Tesar
Crimson Boss/Blue Boss: Joe Fria
Hipster/Redneck #1: John Lavelle
Hipster/Redneck #2: Cass Bugge
Uber Hipster: Marianne Lu
Hipster Waiter: Matt Johnson
Pregnant Waitress: Staci Roberts-Steele
Final Redneck: Todd Jameson
Fake Information Host: Ripley Rader
Mr. Information: Brandon Tesar
Woman on Cellphone: Breanna Wing
Feminist Hipster: Marcus Jones

Bizarre Hipster: Tom Larkin
Bike owner: Jim Kane
Smug Conservative: Matt Pastime
Barista: Mary Grill
Entrance Desk Woman: Chiara Montali
Hipster on Cellphone: Jake Maziar
Crimson Children: Margherita Coiro, John Percy Coiro, Chester Bier Tryk, Quincy Bier
Background: Jessica Lee Williamson, Amy Balto, Sarah Johnson, Adam Zopf,
Mark Alongi, Anna Christopher
Lefty Love Gal #1: Taryn Aronson
Lefty Love Gal #2: Jessica Lee Williamson
Lefty Love Gal #three: Annamaria Mullin
Lefty Love Gal #four: Kasey Brown
Clown Porn Voice Actress: Staci Roberts-Steele

Particular Thanks: The ChaCha Lounge, Nate Williams, Sean Geer, Silverlake Espresso

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