EVE Online – Biggest Ever Battle Captured Footage

Hallo Micronis Lovers, this time we’ll watching The Most Wanted Videos from headline “EVE On-line – Greatest Ever Battle Captured Footage“. What is the pleasure? don’t be concerned, we’ve offered for you.

Newest Video : EVE On-line – Greatest Ever Battle Captured Footage

EVE On-line’s largest ever battle was recorded on 23 January, with over 6000 gamers in the identical star system.

Watch as two enormous coalitions of gamers struggle tooth and nail, with The Imperium trying to destroy Pandemic Horde’s Keepstar citadel. Regardless of the siege lasting hours, and the most important deployment of forces ever seen, the Keepstar survived.
The battle continues, although, because the Keepstar will likely be weak to assault as soon as extra on Monday 29 January.

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